Rare Elegance, Beauty And Glamour!

Every single facet of Esmeralde is carefully designed and crafted to give it an aura of exclusivity. There is no place for anything mundane or mediocre here.


On the privileged Paithan Road, so that you are at once removed from the chaos of the daily grind and yet close enough to all the comforts and convenience of urban life at its best. The location that is not for everybody but where only the movers and shakers of Aurangabad reside! The site is nestled in greenery with breathtaking view of magnificent hills a rare and refreshing contrast to the usual concrete jungle.


Take a look at the intriguing design. As you start unfolding it, you begin to realize what a delightful experience it will be to make this your home. The power of creativity and imagination in the design and planning of Esmeralde give it an aura that one associates with a rare work of art.

Limited Edition Homes

Every home in Esmeralde has been carefully designed and painstakingly crafted. Naturally, we had to restrict ourselves to only 130 such homes. Rare dwellings for a privileged few.

Pollution Free Zone

With vehicular movement restricted to peripheral area, Esmeralde is practically a rare and energetic pollution free zone.

Walk-in Garden

A unique designed concept that means, from every home in Esmeralde, you can walk in to your own garden or a landscaped terrace a sureshot stress buster.

Facade Lighting

As the sun sets and darkness descends, Esmeralde starts glowing with spectacular fade lighting, something that is rarely seen in India.

Rare Elegance, Beauty And Glamour!

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Esmeralde Pullution Free Zone Pollution Free Zone
Esmeralde Walk In Garden Walk-in Garden