You drive the best luxury car. Travel to the best holiday destinations. Wear a Swiss watch. You have a prestigious business. You fly only business class. And can compete with the best in the world. You’ve done the hard work. And climbed to the top. Your vision has grown to encompass bold new horizons. So how come you still live in a place that doesn’t quite measure up Why is it that the drive back home is still through congested by-lanes. Haven’t you earned the right to live in a home that is RARE, PRECIOUS, GREEN Don’t you deserve open roads Clean air Shouldn’t you be allowed to enjoy the privilege of your own step-in Garden And the sounds of silence As you step into the wonderful world Esmeralde, ask your heart these questions. And then listen, as your heart gives you the answer too, in the form of a privileged home to call your own. Only at Esmeralde - A private community of Aurangabad’s first ever Green homes! Wishing you a RARE, PRECIOUS, GREEN life of privilege.